Irio Musskopf



I have been working with software development since 2010, two years after I read my first book on algorithms.

My goal is to work on solutions for global problems and to improve people’s lives. For overcoming these challenges, I am personally interested in learning about multiple branches of science.

I am open for opportunities in challenging large-scale projects.

Created and led Operation “Serenata de Amor” to become one of the most prominent civic tech projects in Latin America.

Latest Post

Sep 27, 2019

Running a Scraping Platform at Google Cloud

I was recently faced with the problem of finding an apartment in Berlin. Following my previous experience in this same effort, I decided to automate the task and write a software to send me an alert of the best deals. In this article, I explain how I built the foundations of this platform. Photo taken by dronepicr The platform I’ve written is a Go application deployed to Google Cloud using Terraform. Read more

Talks & Workshops

Coach “Programmieren für alle, die Bock drauf haben” workshopCampfire – Festival für Journalismus und digitale Zukunft @ Düsseldorf, Germany01.09.2018
“TW hosts: Serenata de Amor, AI for social control of public administration”ThoughtWorks @ Berlin, Germany21.08.2018
“Operação Serenata de Amor”Universidade de Brasília - Faculdade do Gama @ Brasília, Brazil15.06.2018
Machine Learning workshopUniversidade de Brasília - Faculdade do Gama @ Brasília, Brazil15.06.2018
“Using Machine Learning and Open Data to Report 216 Brazilian Congresspeople for Corruption”Craft Conference @ Budapest, Hungary11.05.2018
“Operação Serenata de Amor”Comissão de Fiscalização Financeira e Controle da Câmara dos Deputados @ Brasília, Brazil02.05.2018
“Processamento de Diários Oficiais do Brasil”Tribunal de Contas do Rio Grande do Sul @ Porto Alegre, Brazil13.04.2018
“Processamento de Diários Oficiais do Brasil”Companhia de Processamento de Dados do Município de Porto Alegre (Procempa) @ Porto Alegre, Brazil13.04.2018
“Como levamos um projeto de final de semana para o Fantástico”Python Sul @ Florianópolis, Brazil07.04.2018
“O impacto da Operação Serenata de Amor no Congresso Nacional”Locaweb @ São Paulo, Brazil27.03.2018
“Serenata de Amor”Coda.Br @ São Paulo, Brazil25.11.2017
“Usando inteligência artificial para monitorar o governo”Semana de Inovação e Tecnologia Universidade La Salle @ Canoas, Brazil07.11.2017
“Practical AI transparency on civil projects”Harvard John F. Kennedy School of Government @ Cambridge, USA27.09.2017
“Practical AI transparency on civil projects”Harvard Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society @ Cambridge, USA26.09.2017
“OCR’ing government documents”Google News Lab Summit 2017 @ Mountain View, USA18.09.2017
“Using Machine Learning and Open Data to Report 216 Brazilian Congresspeople for Corruption”DevConf 2017 @ Kraków, Poland14.09.2017
“Transparência como Instrumento de Controle Social”Plenário do Tribunal de Contas da Paraíba @ João Pessoa, Brazil12.06.2017
“Escalando um projeto de final de semana: uma Serenata de Amor”Hackfest Contra a Corrupção @ João Pessoa, Brazil10.06.2017
“Detecting corruption with Machine Learning”Milano Data Science for Social Good @ Milan, Italy13.04.2017
Inaugural class for the Computer Engineering courseUniversidade Católica de Pelotas @ Pelotas, Brazil21.03.2017
Coach Rails Girls Novo HamburgoUniversidade Feevale @ Novo Hamburgo, Brazil10-11.03.2017
“Operação Serenata de Amor”Núcleo de Controle da Cota para o Exercício da Atividade Parlamentar da Câmara dos Deputados @ Brasília, Brazil21.02.2017
“Operação Serenata de Amor”Tribunal de Contas da União @ Brasília, Brazil15.02.2017
Coach Rails Girls PelotasUniversidade Católica de Pelotas @ Pelotas, Brazil10-11.02.2017
“Data Science na prática”SAP @ São Leopoldo, Brazil24.10.2016
“Como estamos usando Machine Learning para detectar corrupção”TecnoTalks Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul @ Porto Alegre, Brazil19.10.2016
“Machine Learning para Hackers”Python Brasil @ Florianópolis, Brazil14.10.2016
“Operação Serenata de Amor”MateHackers @ Porto Alegre, Brazil08.10.2016
“Operação Serenata de Amor”Ministério da Transparência e Controladoria-Geral da União @ Brasília, Brazil10.10.2016
“Machine Learning for Hackers”The Developers Conference @ Porto Alegre, Brazil07.10.2016
Coordination of the Functional Programming trackThe Developers Conference @ Porto Alegre, Brazil06.10.2016
“Ética em Data Science”Data Science no Bar @ Porto Alegre, Brazil18.08.2016
“Detecting photoshopped images with Machine Learning”Data Science Retreat @ Berlin, Germany12.07.2016
“Web Scraping for Data Scientists”Data Science Retreat @ Berlin, Germany25.05.2016